Ognisko Restaurant – a bit of fine Polish cuisine in Kensington, London

I had chanced upon Ognisko when looking for a place to eat pre-theatre at the Royal Albert Hall. I had just came back from a trip to Poland and the discovery of the Polish Club just around the corner and its pretty restaurant was a pleasant surprise.

Image used with permission by Ognisko

To be exact, to me, Ognisko isn’t all Polish, as the menu also features the pierogi and the pleckis, alongside Shashliks and Blinis (Russian pancakes) but, it is full of delightful dishes that are hard to find in London and the dining experience is friendly and cheerful.

The restaurant is part of the Polish Club (I think), a stone’s throw from Royal Albert Hall, so it makes a great place for a pre-theatre meal, and easily accessible from the South Kensington Underground.

Image used with permission by Ognisko

Walking on Exhibition Road towards Hyde Park, you could almost miss the entrance along the identical facades of the Victorian architecture the line the road.

Upon entering the venue a portrait immediately to my right caught my eyes. It was a portrait of Duke of Kent, and beside it, a photograph of the Queen and Prince Philip, walking out of the restaurant steps smiling with content.

As it appears, they had come here to celebrate Prince Philip’s birthday.

Pretty cool eh?

Image used with permission by Ognisko

Our visit was during the warmer months of the year and we were sat in the back on a sunny terrace overlooking a residential square.

Sitting down, I couldn’t resist ordering some pierogi – Polish dumplings, and a typical street food Smalec – Lard with Bacon, Sour Cucumber and Pumpernickel.

Then for main I enjoyed a lovely Golonka – Honey and Mustard glazed Ham Hock with Apple, Kohlrabi and Capers Salad.

Having been to Poland a few times, I can vouch that the flavours were genuine and simply fantastic! It could be tempting to linger on for dessert and coffee, but the theater awaits and we didn’t want to be late.

Check out the restaurant and book a table on their website: www.ogniskorestaurant.co.uk

If you are in Poland and want to try some fine cuisines, try Atelier Amaro in Warsaw or Wierzynek in Kraków!

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