Forking The World is a website dedicated to anything edible :) Including reviews of restaurants/cafes, information about cultural foods, publish home recipes and culinary events around the world. If it’s about eating and travelling at the same time, we want to hear about it!


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What we are looking for


The categories of articles and their content are:


Forking Restaurants – reviews of notable restaurants and cafes and eateries. Please include what you have ordered and how much they cost, as well as a rating out of 5.


Fork at Home – recipes, original or sourced elsewhere. You must have tried to cook it and have images of steps of cooking. Please include source of the recipe if not original.


Of course, it would be great if there could also be a picture of you actually eating it! :)




Cultural Forks – food from places, for example, the origin of the fish and chips, or Edible Emblems of Australia: eating Kangaroos and Emus.



What the Fork?! – quirky food facts / festivals or trends.


Please pitch your idea first. There is a chance that your idea or restaurant review is already published or plan to be published so I don’t want you to have wasted your time on writing if I can’t take your article!


All articles must come with pictures, so when you are out eating or at home making your recipes,


Please remember to take photos. This is with the exception of articles submitted for Cultural Forks and What the Fork, if you don’t have images for these that’s fine.


Images need to be 500×350 px in size – doesn’t have to be super good quality but need to be able to tell what the picture is :) – and yes, you can use your mobile phone to take pictures.


Text to be submitted in Word and written in UK/Australian English.


What’s the pay?


Unfortunately there will be no payment for articles at the moment, as there are no income streams for the website, but there will be the possibility of an invitation to eat at a restaurant for free for quality contributors!


Happy to also include bio and links to guest blogger’s own websites.


To contribute, send me your ideas here: amy [at] forkingtheworld [dot] com